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There's music in everything - especially when it's TUKADU's MiniMusicJewelry Collection

It is Friday night and I have an appointment with my client Martina Bárta.
I meet thesinger and French horn player in the BerlinZig Zig Jazz Club for the concert ofsaxophonist Ben Wendel & His Seasons Band.
Since she is a bit late, we are satisfied with a standing room at the crowded bar. To her elegant black suit she wears the very first piece from the new #MiniMusicJewelry collection. At the end of the concert, she proudly shows her sparkling saxophone necklace to all the band members.

Photo Martina Barta

The highlight of a wonderful concert evening was this photo with Ben Wendel, Martina and me.

Photo Tilman Oehmigen

A few days before this concert Anna happens to visit me in the TUKADU at Hackescher Markt.
Like Martina,Anna Margolina is a jazz singer and looking for jewelry with musical instruments. We then plunged into the shallows of the TUKADU camp. In addition to French horns for Martina we found trumpets, saxophones and much more.
Speaking of saxophone.

Photo Frank Andree

The passionate creativity of Americansaxophonist Evan LaFlamme has significantly inspired our work on the new TUKADU collection.
Evan lives in Santa Monica and is sponsored a few years agoone of his songs for a TUKADU promotional video. This cooperation quickly created an inspiring and good friendship. Evan is also in possession of one of our lovingly handcrafted saxophone necklaces ...
last but not leastsaxophonist Ben King Perkoff from San Francisco and Berlin is also a longtime companion of TUKADU.
He played solo and with bands to many of our events and enthused us again and again with his music.
Long story short:
The idea of a collection of opulent earrings and necklaces made of miniatures of classical musical instruments was born - the #MiniMusicJewelry collection!

Click here for the newMiniMusicJewelry collection!

Photo credit:
Model Amina Eisner
Photographer Tilman Oehmigen


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